Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Beaches Velo/Ale Bike Wear Team Store is NOW OPEN

The Beaches Velo /Ale Bike Wear 2017 Bike Kit store is now OPEN.
Check your email for the detailed ordering instructions.
Please READ and FOLLOW the instructions carefully.
Store Closes August 31.
The first 100 kit will receive the $85 discounted price.
If you want to order a jersey only, we will have to order the jersey for you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beaches Velo – 2017 Bike Kit Is Ready

Beaches Velo – 2017 Bike Kit Is Ready

Beaches Velo is presenting the 2017 Bike Kit for your review.
We are using the same manufacturer as last year - Ale Bike Wear
Check your sizes from last year or a friend’s kit to determine you size.

Bike Kit – Jersey and Bib Short cost is $134 + tax & shipping
You will also be able to order Gloves at $26 and last year’s Knickers for $82.

The Online Store will be open very soon.
Watch for an email with detailed information on how to order your bike kit.

If you have never received an email from Beaches First Street Cycling/Beaches Velo please email us at
Or DM me on Facebook with your email address.

Please tell our Sponsors Thank You for their contributions.
Their contributions have allowed us to discount your Jersey & Bib Shorts by $85 for the first 100 bike kits ordered.
You will be only allowed to order one Bike Kit at the discounted price.

David Dean – Republic National Distribution Company
Russ Thomas – Availity
Will Montoya – Montoya Associates
Bob Logan – Itel
Mark Travis – Intrepid Capital
Marc Munago – VanTrust Real Estate
Marc Munago – Arbor Terrace
Chris Cusimano – Mass Media
Carl Herman – W & O