Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Lodge Ride Video Project

Hello everyone;

The VELO-CAM filming has begun, and through many trials and errors with vibration, helmet location, camera manufacturer problems, etc.. etc... I am starting to get this video project sorted out. Its alot harder than I thought, believe me!! But I am not ready to give up yet because I am half pregnant into this venture. Saturdays are "Hollywood Saturdays" which means that in order to edit and capture individuals with greater ease and simplicity-WEAR THE EXACT SAME CYCLING OUTFIT EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY. This makes the tedious editing portion much simpler. You will be able to spot your smiling face that much better too! Many of you have asked me for a teaser piece of YouTube video to see what this looks like, so here is a short piece from a recent ride. As the weeks go by, more and more different views and clips will be added to the inventory. See you Saturday.

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