Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fellow Lodge Rider Eddy Zeilman Speaks About Bin Laden Death

Video of Eddy Zeilman Comments

Former FDNY Member Speaks
Retired Firefighter Calls Bin Laden's Death 'Overwhelmingly Satisfying'
POSTED: Monday, May 2, 2011

VILANO BEACH, Fla. -- Retired NYC firefighter Edward Zeilman wasn't sure he would ever see the day Osama bin Laden would be captured or killed.
Sunday night, when the president announced the terrorist's death, Zeilman's dream to capture the man who had killed some of his best friends became a reality.
"It's a small step in terrorism, but to take a poster and just put an 'X' over his face is just overwhelmingly satisfying, and it shows the fortitude of America that we won't give up," Zeilman said.
Zeilman lost nine of his fellow firefighters on Sept. 11. Zeilman helped recover bodies immediately after the attack and was instrumental in NYC's 10-month recovery process.
Video: Retired New York City Firefighter Speaks Out
Zeilman still has a piece of the twin towers inside his Vilano Beach home. Zeilman said the death of Osama bin Laden will bring comfort to the families that he, for years, has helped to console.

Retired New York City firefighter Edward Zeilman lost nine of his fellow brothers on Sept. 11th talks about what Osama Bin Laden's death means to him.
"My whole existence was taking care of widows and family members. The ripple effect is endless," Zeilman said.
He said bin Laden's death starts a new chapter in American history, one he hopes isn't filled with terror and hate.
"If they had caught Osama bin Laden right after it, I would have reacted stronger to it, but after seeing so much travesty, it's like enough, enough, enough of this bad energy," he said.

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