Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Weekend - Beaches Lodge Ride Schedule - July 2, 3, & 4. Amelia Island on Sunday

It is the 4th of July weekend with three days of Lodge bike rides, Sunday's Lodge ride is to Amelia Island, check details below.

It's that time of year, the Super Bowl of bike racing The Tour de France bike race starts Saturday, July 2nd, check Versus TV on Comcast for coverage.

We had great response to the 2011 Beaches Lodge Ride bike kit, a total of around 55 kits were ordered. The order is being placed today, please allow about 8 weeks for delivery. If you missed out stay tuned there maybe a second order later in the fall. At that time we maybe ordering wind vest and more cooler weather gear.

Sunday, July 10 we begin the summer earlier start time at 7:30 AM only on the Sunday ride. Saturday's ride remains at 8:00 AM from the Lodge.

Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 35 to 40 miles
Group AA = 25+ MPH
Group A = 19 – 25 MPH
See link for the Map on the right.
Group AA will make Right at Crosswater Parkway.
Group A will make a Left at Crosswater Parkway

Sunday - 7:00 AM at the Lodge - Ride to Amelia Island
70 miles round trip from the Lodge
We will ride North on First Street.
We will pass Rag Time in Atlantic Beach around 7:30 AM.
Catch the 8:00 Ferry - $1.00 Each Way.
We will catch the returning 10:15 AM Ferry
This is a group ride; we try to keep the group together.
Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH

Monday - 4th of July – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 40 - 60 miles
Group Ride Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH.
Remember this is a GROUP ride.
We will regroup when necessary for those loosing contact with the group.
We have been trying to keep everyone together back to the Palm Valley Bridge and over the PV Bridge back home. So that everyone finishes the ride together

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