Friday, November 11, 2011

BFSC Ride Schedule Nov 12 & 13 - Amelia Island on Sunday

Sunday’s Ride will be the last ride to Amelia Island for 2011.
7:30 AM Start at the Lodge; 8:00 AM Ragtime on First Street; Catch the 8:30 AM Ferry.
Come out and help support the Ferry as the Times Union has reported that JTA is analyzing whether to continue the Deficit Funding for 2012.

Looks like a cold Saturday BFSC ride. Forecast is Blue Skies and the temperature in the high 40’s F at ride time with light ENE wind and 60F by the time the ride is finished. Dig out your winter riding gear.

We will take an informal poll on Saturday’s ride to determine what the group feels the minimum forecast ride time temperature would be and if we should schedule a mountain bike ride option.

Sunday’s BFSC ride to Amelia Island forecast is Blue Skies and temperature in the mid 50’s F at ride time and 70 F by Noon. Light SE winds.

Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Schedule

Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 35 to 40 miles
The BFSC Saturday Ride warms up together for the first 5 to 6 miles.
The Ride Pace begins to pick up quickly to the Palm Valley Bridge.
The BRSC Sat ride splits into 2 groups based on Ride Pace either at the PV Bridge Or at the Traffic Light at Crosswater Parkway & Old 210.
Group 1 = 25+ MPH 
Group 2 = 19 – 25 MPH 
See link for the Map on the right. 
Group 1 will make Right at Crosswater Parkway. 
Group 2 will make a Left at Crosswater Parkway.

Sunday - 7:30 AM at the Lodge - Ride to Amelia Island 
70 miles round trip from the Lodge 
We will ride North on First Street. 
We will pass Rag Time in Atlantic Beach around 8:00 AM. 
Catch the 8:30 Ferry - $1.00 Each Way. 
We will catch the returning 10:45 AM Ferry. 
This is a group ride; we try to keep the group together. 
Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH

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