Monday, March 26, 2012

BFSC Tuesday/Thursday Morning and Night Rides - Week of March 26

The Beaches First Street Cycling Tuesday and Thursday Morning and Night Rides are in full speed ahead mode. Come out and ride as your schedule and SKILL level permits.

Tuesday/Thursday Morning - 6:30 AM - Leaves from the Gym at The Ponte Vedra Inn.
The ride pace is around 18/20 MPH as riders build up their endurance.
Distance about 20 miles.
Due to late sunrise this ride may turn around at A1A and PV Boulevard and Mickler's traffic light.
Twilight begins at 6:58 AM and Sunrise is 7:21 AM

Tuesday/Thursday Night - 6:30 PM - Leaves from the "County Line" Corner of PVB & Duval Dr.
This is a Fast Race pace 25 - 30+ MPH, Similar to the Saturday BFSC fast ride.
Currently we are completing Spoke 1 & Spoke 3 in Nocatee due to early Sunset.
When there is enough daylight Spoke 3 will be added.
Sunset is 7:42 PM with Twilight ending 8:05 PM

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  1. Please be sure to check your chainring bolts for necessary torque settings. Remember - lefty loosey, righty tighty.