Friday, October 12, 2012

BFSC Ride Schedule October 13 & 14 - Sunday Ride to Amelia Island. Fall Season Bike Ride Schedule

Sunday, October 14th, BFSC Sunday’s Ride is to Amelia Island. We will catch the 8:30 AM Ferry, 7:30 AM from the Lodge.

The BFSC Tuesday Night Guana rides have started as of Tuesday, Oct 9th. Everyone parks under the 210 bridge and we rollout promptly at 6:00pm. We are all riding a variety of: mountain bikes, urban assault bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Lights are required. It’s a great “high tempo – high heart rate” ride that helps maintain your fitness level through the winter. This is an out and back 20+ miles course, so if you get dropped, you will be picked back up on the faster group’s return.

We had a great turnout last year and expect more participation this season. Hope to see you all out there on Tuesday night at 6:00pm!

The Tuesday/Thursday County Line 6:30 PM night rides have basically finished for this season due to early sunset and darkness. If you are still wanting to road ride, you can check it out to see if anyone shows up for the ride.

The Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 AM morning rides from the PV Inn & Club new start time is now at 6:45 AM. Continue to check this BFSC Blog and Facebook page for time changes as sunrise continues to be later rising.

There is a Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 AM morning ride also leaving from the Lodge. This is a group ride with a ride pace of 19/24 MPH. There are 2 routes – Tuesday is Nocatee loop and Thursday is down A1A to Vilano Bridge and back. Both routes are approximately 50 miles.

Twilight Begins/Sunrise = 7:05 / 7:29 AM
Sunset / Twilight Ends = 6:55 / 7:18 PM

Beaches Weekend Weather Forecast (observed at Mayport Naval Air Station)

The Beaches Weekend weather forecast at Saturday’s start time 71 F, 15+ mph NE wind, and Partly Cloudy. On Sunday the forecast at the start time is Partly Cloudy at 71 F, 10 mph ENE wind and 10% chance of rain.

Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Schedule
Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 40 miles =
There are Two Groups on Saturday

We are still riding The OLD ROUTE on Saturdays.

The BFSC splits into 2 groups base on Ride Pace either at the PV Bridge
Or at the Traffic Light at Crosswater Parkway & Old 210
Group 1 = Ride Pace 25+ MPH with max speed 30+
Group 2 = Ride Pace 19 – 25 MPH 
See link for the Map on the right. 
Group 1 will make Right at Crosswater Parkway. 
Group 2 will make a Left at Crosswater Parkway
Sunday - 7:30 AM at the Lodge - Ride to Amelia Island 

Wear your NEW Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Kit
70 miles round trip from the Lodge, Approximately - 50/55 miles from Rag Time. We will ride North on PVB, right on First Street, and left on Plaza to A1A to the Ferry. 
We will pass Rag Time in Atlantic Beach around 8:00 AM.
Catch the 8:30 Ferry - $1.00 Each Way. 
We will catch the returning 10:45 AM Ferry. 
This is a group ride; we try to keep the group together. 
Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH

ALL RIDE MILLAGE IS BASED on from the starting location: The Lodge and back to The Lodge

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