Friday, July 18, 2014

DELAFINA Racing Presents - "Half the Road" Movie Coming to Jacksonville August 4, 2014

Please join DelaFina Racing for an exclusive, one-night only screening of "Half the Road," on August 4,2014, at 7:30 PM. 

"Half the Road" is a documentary about the world of women's professional cycling. 
It is about the passion and love, and the issues of inequality in this male dominated sport. 

Details are provided on the flyer below. 

It is very important that you reserve your ticket in advance as the screening will only occur if we meet the required minimum of 79. 
You will not be charged for the ticket until the screening is confirmed. 
For those of you who have already expressed an interest on DelaFina Racing FaceBook Event Page, Thank You! 
But, please reserve your tickets to help us bring this awesome opportunity to Jacksonville! 

Please reserve your tickets following the link:

Don't hesitate any longer!

 "If women hold up half the sky, then the women’s peleton deserves ‘half the road’ of opportunity, growth, support & equality within professional cycling."

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