Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Information on the Proposed Closing of Palm Valley Road between Nocatee Parkway/Davis Park Road & Crosswater Parkway in Nocatee

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Regarding the CLOSING of Palm Valley Rd (old bumpy 210) between Nocatee Parkway/Davis Park & Crosswater Parkway in Nocatee, the St John's County Planning meeting today was just to set the public hearing for Nov 18. 
I was able to talk with the Chief Engineer Dept Head of SJC Transportation Development Dept. and explained our objections to closing Palm Valley Road old 210. I described how a group of avid cyclists rides & @ what speeds. I warned the SJC TD Dept that riders would NOT stop to cross the road (3 LANES OF TRAFFIC) after the Palm Valley Bridge with cars descending the bridge at 50 MPH to ride on a multi use path. But instead will continue straight west to the Crosswater Parkway exit off of Nocatee Parkway.
We need to have a large group of our fellow cyclists to attend the 9:00 AM, November 18th meeting at the St Johns County's Administration Building in St Augustine @ 500 San Sebastian View, 32084.

The Nocatee attorney was there. Nocatee wants the road closed for future development. I talked with their attorney, she commented that once the road is closed, the right away property reverts back to the adjoining property owners on each side of the road, that is Nocatee's goal. 

This is going to be tough fight to save this road.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Regarding the closing of Palm Valley Road (old bumpy 210), this morning I talked with the Engineer for SJC Transportation Development Dept. They were appreciative that we brought to their attention yesterday at the SJC Planning meeting about the consequence of closing the Palm Valley road for SAFE cycling. This was something they were not aware of or had considered. The SJC TDD Engineer said they need to conduct more research to see if it is possible to accommodate the current users of the Palm Valley road, such as, cyclists.  
The Engineer and I are to touch base next week after they have found out more information and development plans for this road from Nocatee's owners - the Hydry Group represented by Gunster Law Firm. 
The SJC's Engineer understood that avid cyclists WILL NOT cross 3 lanes of traffic after the Palm Valley Bridge to ride on a Multi-Use path with 10/50 cyclists riding at 20+ MPH. That with this side road closure, SJC/Nocatee will force cyclists to continue straight west onto the limited access highway Nocatee Parkway west of Palm Valley Road/Davis Park road.
The next SJC Planning hearing is November 18th at 9:00 AM, when this Planning Item will be discussed and open for comments from the audience. 

We need to have a good showing of riders to make our concerns known. 
Please plan to attend.

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