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Closure of Nocatee/Old 210 Survey - Comments notes

Listed below are the comments made by participates on the Survey concerning the closure of Nocatee/Old 210 road. 

Bring back the road!
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Guanna preserve would be a great place, to pave the dirt road, so cyclist, runners, etc would have a safe place to train, without riding with cars.
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Exponentially safer to stay straight on the road at all times, there are people running,walking, rollerblade, riding bikes 5-8 mph, the multi use bridge has raised wooden platforms and there are poles in the center of the multi use. on the nocatee parkway section between Crosswater and Davis you could move the 45 mph sign to the westside of the overpass. as a group we ride thousands of miles on A1A and US 1, Nocatee Parkway is very similar to both highways.
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Closing Palm Valley Road at Davis Park (to Valley Ridge Blvd was extremely short-sighted on the part of the St. Johns County Commissioners and it was unfortunate that the ETM engineering study completely failed to include the safety issues that will be created by forcing cyclists to cross over busy lanes of Nocatee Parkway to access the so-called multi-use trail as well as the additional safety concerned by comingling cyclists and pedestrians on such a narrow path.
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Perfect area to ride! Please help us keep this area safe but accessible for cyclist!!
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As a very significant taxpayer and employer of over 700 Jacksonville citizens I'm hopeful that the SJCC will see the wisdom of making our community more "bike friendly". Thriving communities are built around thriving people, and our cycling community is full of the latter. We live, work, and pay taxes in this community, and should not be disenfranchised from using critical public resources, like roads, simply because we choose pedals over a pedal. Jacksonville talks a big game about being a up and coming community….here is an opportunity to prove it. Russ Thomas, CEO, Availity
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I would much prefer dealing with cars going straight ahead to the radio rather than trying to navigate crossing Nocatee pkwy to the multi use path and having to compete with pedestrians on the trail
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The county may be liable for accidents caused by forcing cyclists off the road onto the side walk. They need to make the right decision here. Cyclists pay taxes.
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We need to keep the roads open for cyclists. Cyclists using these roads are traveling too fast to safely use the multi-purpose sidewalk.
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Everyone that lives in that area or travels through there, police/sheriff included, knows there is a large group of cyclists that ride that route weekly (weekend and during the week). It is the safest place we have to ride. A1A is dangerous...people pass head on, drift to the bike lane and truly are not considerate of cyclists. We do not have this issue in Nocatee. There is very little traffic so we do not "in the way". Please do not make us cross over to the bike path at the light. turning right was the safest route, but if you take that away, the only other "safe" path is to go straight, take the 1st exit and then turn right....left turns are dangerous as a cyclist and we sincerely do try to avoid them.
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we can not safely cross traffic to use multiuser trail.
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For years 210 provided cyclists with a way to travel east and west at the south end of Ponte Vedra. With the creation of Nocotee there have many additional good roads with bike lanes developed within Nocotee that are great for riding. However access to Nocotee from the beach is full of peril. A bike lane was not created at the base of Palm valley bridge extending out to Nocotee and with the distruction of old 210, this makes the problem worse. Forcing cyclists to cross 4 lanes of speeding traffic is extremely dangerous and will eventually result in a collision. The only sensible solution for the immediate future is to open the limited access road west of the Palm Vally Bridge.
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Someone really needs to be there to observe the speeds of the cyclists using these roads, it is so dangerous to mix cars and bikes at those speeds, hence the reason why we like the old 210 road so much. No cars! While I'm at it, why are there no bike lanes on Mickler between AIA and the roundabout? The most heavily traveled route of all. Thx.
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I fear more accidents and lives could be damaged vehicles and cyclists alike. Vehicles don't know about this change because us cyclists were never a hinderance before. If this changes and we have to cross over, who's going to warn vehicles that expect us to turn right at the light? When vehicles don't knw and continue their fast speed not paying attention to cyclists crossing over. An accident waiting to happen.
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I have been riding 210 for 25 years with large and small groups. When you authorize developments...consider the bike riders need a safe part of the road. They have no right to ekununate iyr access to roadways.
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The safest thing to do here is pretty simple. Allow cyclists to use the road including the exits on & off Nocatee Parkway to & from Crosswater Parkway. The multi-use trail is dangerous in that the speeds combined with the number of cyclists is dangerous to the cyclists & the other users of the trail.
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This area, along with the stretch of road from A1A to the Palm Valley Bridge, is the most dangerous area of NE St. Johns County. Please don't close the Old Palm Valley Road or find a better alternative than the multi-use trail.
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The multi use trail is for joggers and people who walk their dogs. It is not intended nor is it safe for groups of cyclists to enter and exit at speeds over 20mph.
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This stretch of road is vital to cyclists for us to get into Nocatee to be able to ride!! Closing this stretch of road would be a travesty and severely anger an entire portion of the community
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I have been promoting St. Johns of being the most friendly County for people who enjoys practice sports in Florida! That was the reason I moved here from South Florida! Now we going backwards!
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The multi-user pathway is not safe for cyclists given the diverse users of the pathway, i.e. walkers, joggers, people with pets and small children. These users are not tuned into the presence of cyclists and this endangers everyone.
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In small groups (less than 5 riders) crossing over to the multi use trail is manageable. Larger groups, which is very common, would not be nearly as safe.
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Extremely dangerous to cross the Parkway without a traffic light and will inevitably result in a tragic accident.
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Completely dangerous crossing that intersection with distracted drivers
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Why the HELL didn't they make a DAMN BIKE PATH!!!!!!!! when they built the new road?????? They know cyclists have been riding there for YEARS!!!!!! Also Micklers Road, NO DAMN bike path to and from A1A….SO stupid………….
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Traveling west, typically stay on the road the whole way, too dangerous to cross back over traffic to get on the trail Traveling east, I usually hop on the trail out to the bridge
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The multi use trail is great for casual cyclists (on beach cruisers etc) and walkers. To put avid road cyclist on there, who average over 18mph is dangerous to walkers, the casual cyclist, kids, pets and the avid cyclists on the multi use train. Faster, avid cyclists must be on the roads for everyone's safety.
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Crossing over to the multiuse trail is much more dangerous than riding on Nocatee Pkwy to the exit.
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Multiuser path is more dangerous than riding on the road.
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I travel down to the Nocatee area about 2 times per month to bicycle through Nocatee and along A1A at the beach. I patronize restaurants, stores and gas stations when I am visiting this area.
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Why is this Part of Nocatee Pkway limited access? Why do we need special permission to ride this section of road? As cyclists we have access to A1A, US1, SR 13, all County Roads etc. What makes this section of road so special, it's not an Interstate Highway, please give us the access we need/deserve.
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To force us to use the Multiuse trail is dangerous . There are frequently a multitude of runners ,moms with running strollers , family's with little children ,Ponte Vedra HS track athletes that run in the Multiuse trail too. In addition the elderly and retired are walking their dogs or just taking a stroll would be confronted with cyclists which would be a serious problem . If 50 or more cyclists would have to share this it is only a period of time where accidents will happen .I feel the rights of St John's county inhabitants who frequent the Multiuse trail would be threatening to the point of being scary dangerous . ( A cyclist in NYC Central Park recently killed a pedestrian ) This could lead if and when an accident occurred to potential lawsuits against St John's County .The simplest solution to not have those confrontations and potentially serious outcomes would be to allow the cyclists to use Nocatee Parkway . Cyclists are already using a portion of this road safely traveling in single file with no bad outcomes . I see no other way to protect the the citizens of St John's County . Cyclist already know the risks and most if not all use red flashing lights on the back of their bicycle to alert the motorist that they are coming upon a group or individual cyclists . The cost to St John's county to change the signs allowing cyclists to ride on Nocatee Parkway would be minimal compared to a potential litigenous lawsuit . Thank you John Joseph Doyle MD
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The entire road was poorly designed! How were they ever allowed to build that road without bike lanes! At a minimum there should be a bike path on both sides of the road! Make the polititions ride the rout and see what feedback they have!
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i believe that there will be an increase in injuries to both cyclists and pedestrians if cyclists are forced to use the multi-use trail ... Our pacelines often include as many as 15 cyclist, who will be forced to manurver around joggers, walkers, mothers with baby strollers and the like.
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Cyclists are going to use Nocatee Pkwy regardless - It's just a question of whether the city will officially condone it -
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Same road same right. Please find a way that we may continue to ride the roads legally. Thanks!
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Crossing 4 lanes of traffic is very dangerous when compared to taking the exit.
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Safety is the most important consideration for bicyclist and vehicular traffic. Riding on designated bicycle lanes with traffic is the best way to maintain safety and would be consistent with the rest of the city that have bicycle lanes with traffic lanes.
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Bike shoulder should be standard construction for all roads.
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Multi use paths are fine for a mix of pedestrians,runners and slow cycling under 10mph. Road cyclists whether in groups or indivually are not suited and it becomes unsafe for all
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If safety is the most important factor here, the county should allow access on the parkway and not force cyclist to cross the highway and ride on the narrow path with foot bridge. Many communities are taking steps to make areas more cyclist friendly. To make the roads safer for drivers and cyclist a like, the county should add bike lanes to the stretch from Micklers to Palm Valley Bridge as well as make the the old Palm Valley road they are closing a cycling path or repave the road for all residents.
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Please allow bicycles access to the currently restricted section of the parkway. The multi-use trail is not sufficient for road cycling.
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