Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Renegade Wednesday Night Winter Ride

It’s time to start the 2010 RENEGADE UA (Urban Assault) Season. John the Spider Man and I have been working on the route and will continue for the next two weeks.

We expect the UA Ride to start en masse the first week in Oct. Starting at the tennis courts at 16th. St. S. Jax Beach at 6 pm. Most of us will be riding UA conversions while others are using there purpose built 700’s. Lights are strongly encouraged!

The first couple of rides basically should be “shake down rides” to familiarize folks with the route. It looks like the ride may split into two components much like the Sat Beaches Lodge Ride but may regroup at times. This ride should be a “Base Mileage Winter Ride” and somewhat social.

There are two sections of the ride that the leaders will reach upwards around 30 mph on Fairway and Seminole roads as well as a MAD DASH through the Black Forest.

I plan on road marking the route this Weds. Sept 22. Again …. Meet the Huguenot Park 16th. St. S Jax Bch. 6 pm.

RENEGADE also plans Pub Crawls and Socials through out the year!

Come join the FUN! Click here for the Renegade Blog

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