Friday, August 26, 2011

BFSC Ride Schedule = August 27 & 28

The Nocatee Stage Race is tomorrow & Sunday. Due to that conflict, we are riding an alternate route on Saturday. Please note that change in the Saturday schedule below.

Don't forget the Kit Pick-up Party this Saturday (Tomorrow!!!), August 27 at 6:00 PM at Rebekah and James Hope’s Home at 515 Selva Lakes Circle, Atlantic Beach. We will have some beer and wine but it would be nice, to help our hosts with the food and beverages. We will post on the BRSC Facebook Page more details about what we a all bringing!!

Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Schedule

Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 35 to 40 miles

Group A+ = 25+ MPH
Group B = 19 – 25 MPH
Alternate Route:
Normal route into Nocatee. Both groups turn right to spoke #1. Fast group does 2 loops of spoke #1; slower group crosses under overpass & returns to the ramp.
Both groups; once over bridge turn right & do the old palm valley loop (under bridge, down roscoe, right on canal, right on landrum, left on roscoe, under bridge & return back to the lodge.

Group A: 2 loops spoke #1 with 1 figure eight in the valley
Group B: 1 loop spoke #1 with 1 figure eight in the valley

Sunday – 7:30 AM @ the Lodge

This will be a long distance training/recovery ride for the upcoming September cycling events.
Group Ride Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH.
Remember this is a GROUP ride. We will regroup when necessary for those loosing contact with the group. We have been trying to keep everyone together back to the Palm Valley Bridge,
so that everyone finishes the ride together.

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