Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Name: Beaches First Street Cycling

You may have heard discussions that we are looking at rebranding our cycling club with a new name. The official new name is: Beaches First Street Cycling.
The name “Beaches Lodge Ride” came about by default. It was the name that identified our group through the meeting point of our rides. Our desires for changing this name are many. Mainly, we do not want to be identified with a certain place/business for legal reasons.
Our group has really grown and changed in the last several years and we are bigger than one ride that meets in a single location. We are really now a cycling club that meets at many starting locations, and we ride in many cycling events.
The idea behind “Beaches First Street Cycling” is that First Street has long been identified with the beach communities: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach. We wanted an identity that unified all of the Beaches cycling communities.
For those who have ordered kits and water bottles; yes, the new name will appear on both the new kits and water bottles, but the design will remain the same as you have previously seen.
We trust you are excited about our new name and helping in developing our cycling club more in the future. We’ve grown a lot these last few years and we anticipate growing more with your help as a cycling club. Thank you for being a part of our cycling group.
Our desire to ride together is what brings us together.
Stay tuned for more announcements on our “Beaches First Street Cycling” blog and Facebook page. We will also update you on important/urgent news by email.
- - Robert Buck

- - Clint Burbridge

- - Walter Campbell

P.S. We just found out that we cannot change the name of our facebook page because we have over 100 "likes". Looks like we are going to be forced to create another facebook page. Stay tuned!!

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