Friday, September 16, 2011

BFSC Ride Schedule - Sept 17 & 18

We are going to make one reorder on the BFSC Kits on October 3rd. 
If you are interested in placing an order please contact Walter Campbell at
We need a minimum of 6 kits to reorder. That's 6 men and 6 women. 
We already have more than 6 men. Total 12+ men.

We have several women interested in making another order, please let Walter Campbell know so that we can obtain a total count for the women kits. 
So far we have 4 women, maybe 5 women request. We need at least 6.

The best way to judge your size, is to find a member close to your size and try on their kit. 
Go up or down based on the fit. 
We only plan on making one reorder from Louis Garneau.

We are also looking at ordering BFSC Wind Vest for the cooler riding temperatures.
Let Walter Campbell know your interest.

The Beaches First Street Cycling's Tuesday & Thursday morning bike rides start time is changed on Thursday, September 15 to 6:45 AM due to later sun rise. Sun Rise is now 7:10 AM with Twilight beginning at 6:50 AM. The Tuesday & Thursday Morning rides leave from the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Gym.

Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Schedule

Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 35 to 40 miles
The BFSC Saturday Ride warms up together for the first 5 to 6 miles.
The Ride Pace begins to pick up quickly to the Palm Valley Bridge.
The BRSC Sat ride splits into 2 groups based on Ride Pace either at the PV Bridge Or at the Traffic Light at Crosswater Parkway & Old 210.
Group 1 = 25+ MPH 
Group 2 = 19 – 25 MPH 
See link for the Map on the right. 
Group 1 will make Right at Crosswater Parkway. 
Group 2 will make a Left at Crosswater Parkway

Sunday – 7:30 AM @ the Lodge - 40 to 60 miles
Group Ride Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH. Remember this is a GROUP ride.
We will regroup when necessary for those loosing contact with the group.
We have been trying to keep everyone together back to the Palm Valley Bridge, so that everyone finishes the ride together.

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