Friday, September 23, 2011

Food Support for Curtis Long

Stephanie Tamplin Crichton would like to organize food support for Curtis Long and his son Myles during their mourning period.

We would like to ask that the Beaches cycling community join together & support Curtis and his son Myles. We realize that not everyone knows them personally, but, we feel that as a community & family we should reach out. We are hoping that people will volunteer to help provide them with food and/or gift certificates (they can be generic gift cards or to local Beaches’ restaurants). This will allow them to worry about one less thing.

If you are interested in helping with meals, please contact Stephanie Tamplin @ 472-9654 or

Stephanie will organize a calendar to space out food over the next couple of weeks.

We would like to start providing food on Monday Sept 26th.

Also, if you have a condolence card, a check/cash donation for Palmer Catholic Academy Gymnasium Fund or food, it can be dropped off at Stephanie & Sean Crichton’s house (Orange H20 cooler house) at the corner of 33rd Ave S & 1st ST or at Bike Fitters with Ralph Teten. Stephanie and Ralph will delivery our support to Curtis.

You can also give your Gymnasium Fund money to Walter Campbell or Robert Buck. We will collect money though October 9th. Then we will present to Curtis the lump sum under our Beaches cycling community name - Beaches First Street Cycling.

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