Monday, April 1, 2013

1st Annual Paris Roubaix Cycling Event At Open Road Beaches 2013

1st Annual Paris Roubaix Cycling Event
At Open Road Beaches 2013

The 1st Annual Paris Roubaix Cycling celebration event will take place on Sunday April 7th, 2013 at Open Road Bikes at the Beaches.

There are several events planned.

  1.  6:30 AM Bike ride from the OR Store to Mickler’s and back.
  2.  8:00 AM Watch Paris Roubaix Live
  3. Belgium Waffles for after the ride breakfast/brunch.
  4. Fantasy Bike Race
There will be ride early in the morning of the race, time is subject to change, bu,t as of right now we will leave the shop at 6:30 and ride to Mickler’s and back.

After the ride we will be gathering at the shop and watching the 2013 Paris Roubaix live race coverage starting at 8:00 AM, where we will be making Belgium waffles for an after ride breakfast/brunch.

We will also be having a Fantasy Cycling Challenge Bike Race where each participant will pick riders out of a hat and hope for a winner. This will take place as soon as the ride is over so you must be there to pick. We should start picking around 8:00. No Late Registration.

You will need $5 for the Fantasy Cycling Challenge. We will take the total number registered for the Fantasy Cycling Challenge and divide that by the total number of riders in the race. That will be your team, so no experience will be needed; it will be all luck. There will only be a 1st place payout because no other place matters.

Also, the second part of this event is that you are asked to bring beer of the nation that you think might win the race. So there should be no American beer. No need for anymore than a 6-pack of beer, which will go into a community cooler for anyone to drink. You can only drink beer if you bring beer - Sorry!

Lastly, Open Road would like to have some kind of count on how many to expect so an R.S.V.P. would be nice.

Please R.S.V.P. to at mailto: Clint Brider is the director for the Fantasy Cycling Challenge. Let Clint know if there are any questions.

Open Road is also be having a Tour de France Cycling Challenge starting in June. Details to come soon.

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