Friday, April 19, 2013

BFSC Ride Schedule April 20 & 21 - BFSC Party at 6:00 PM Saturday, April 20

The first Beaches First Street Cycling group party of 2013 is this Saturday, April 20.
Host are again Mike & Katie Bush
Location: 3705 Duval Drive
Time: 6:00 PM till

Bring a cover dish: Appetizers, Salad, Main Meat, Side Dish or Dessert
Adult Beverages, Water and Mixers will be provided.
But if you have a favorite wine or beer, Please bring.

WARNING: No on street parking on Duval Drive
Please ONLY park in driveway marked with Balloons.
Or park on 1st Street South and 37th Ave South

Just a reminder to YIELD TO CARS that have the right of way (roundabout) and stop at red/yellow lights on our Sat. ride. Those at the front need to anticipate oncoming traffic at the roundabouts and the changing of traffic signals and slow the group accordingly. Ditto for the rear of the group. Let's try to keep it safe for the the final sprint, so please don't partake if you; have been "sitting in" the majority of the ride, don't have ability to pull at 30+ mph, have been dropped & jumped back in, or you know you just don't have the legs. We have always prided ourselves in a safe riding at the beach, let's keep it that way.

Up Coming Organized Bike Rides

TOSRV – Saturday & Sunday, April 20 & 21 – Tallahassee FL – 100/60 mile Road and Mountain Bike Ride each Day – Registration is now open.

NFBC Tour de Forts - Sunday, April 28, 2013 - Bartram Trail High School, 7399 Longleaf Pine Parkway, St Johns FL - 28, 38, 68, & 100 miles routes.

Blood Sweat & Gears – Saturday, June 22 – Boone NC – 100/50 mile Road Ride – 10,000 FT of Climbing – Registration opens Friday @ 12:01 AM February 1. FULL

Six & Three Gap – Sunday, September 29 – Dahlonega GA – 100 mile Road Ride – 10,000 + FT of climbing.

Beaches First Street Cycling’s Spring Weekly Ride Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday Road Bike Night Ride - 6:30 PM
Start at the "County Line" which is the corner of Ponte Vedra Boulevard and Duval Drive. Race Style Ride & Race Pace 25+ MPH.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 AM morning rides from the PV Inn & ClubContinue to check this BFSC Blog and Facebook page for time changes as sunrise continues to be later rising.

Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 AM morning ride leaving from the Lodge: This is a group ride with a ride pace of 19/24 MPH. There are 2 routes – Tuesday is Nocatee loops and Thursday is down A1A to Vilano Bridge and back. Both routes are approximately 50 miles.

Twilight Begins/Sunrise = 6:27 / 6:50 AM
Sunset / Twilight Ends = 7:59 / 8:22 PM

Beaches Weekend Weather Forecast (observed at Mayport Naval Air Station)

The Beaches Weekend weather forecast for Saturday’s 8:00 AM start time is Cloudy with 45/60% Rain @ 59 F, 11 mph N wind. On Sunday the forecast is Cloudy with 10/30% Rain @ 8:00 start time temperature to be 61 F with 13 mph NE wind. 

Beaches First Street Cycling Weekend Ride Schedule
Saturday – 8:00 AM @ the Lodge – 40 miles =
There are Two Groups on Saturday 
The Second Group is reforming for a slower pace base building ride.

The BFSC splits into 2 groups base on Ride Pace @ A1A.
Group 1 = Ride Pace 25+ MPH with max speed 30+
Group 2 = Ride Pace 18 – 22 MPH 
See link for the Map on the right. 
Group 1 will make Right at Crosswater Parkway. 
Group 2 will make a Left at Crosswater Parkway.
Exit Nocatee via Old Palm Valley Road!!

Sunday - 8:00 AM Road Ride Leaving from the Lodge – 50 - 65 miles
Group Ride - Ride Pace = 19 – 22 MPH.
Remember this is a GROUP ride. 
This means a NO drop Ride and we all stop for Flats/Mechanical issues.
We will regroup when necessary for those losing contact with the group.
We have been trying to keep everyone together back to the Palm Valley Bridge,
 so that everyone finishes the ride together.

ALL RIDE MILEAGE IS BASED on from the starting location: The Lodge and back to The Lodge

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