Monday, November 11, 2013

Need Raffle Prizes - Holiday Fundraising Benefit for B.E.A.M. 2013

Beaches First Street Cycling is looking for prizes to raffle off at the Annual Holiday Fundraising Benefit for B.E.A.M. on November 23 party to purchase bikes.

Can YOU contribute/donate a raffle prize?

Last year 2012 BFSC raised approximately $2500 and donated approximately 50 bikes to B.E.A.M. for their Holiday Gift Program.

For 2013 BFSC goal is to raise a minimum of $3500 for B.E.A.M.'s December 16 Holiday Gift Program. 

B.E.A.M. (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry) - BEAM’s mission is to keep families in their homes and help them become self-sufficient.

Ever Christmas Holiday they sponsor a Holiday Gift Program, so that, kids that might not receive a Christmas gift is able to receive something. For 2013, B.E.A.M. has over 1200 family registered to participate in their Holiday Gift Program.

BFSC had an additional idea to help raise money to meet our $3500 goal, beside your contribution at the door, we are going to have a raffle at the BFSC Fund Raising Party.

We are asking You, if you or your business/company can donate some type of prize for the raffle.
We are planning on selling raffle tickets for prizes at the party.
We are also exploring for the more valuable prizes, maybe, having a silent or live auctions at our party.

B.E.A.M. Is a 501(3)c chartable corporation.
Beaches First Street Cycling is a 501c(7) non profit club corporation.

Reply to BFSC email address, if you would like to contribute/donate a raffle prize.

Thank you for your contribution to the success of our BFSC annual event to help purchase kids bikes to donate to B.E.A.M.

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