Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beaches First Street Cycling / B.E.A.M. Holiday Bikes for Kids - Fund Raising Party November 22nd - Food Request

Message from Rebekah Hope - 

Ahhh, November… excessive facial hair, excessive unwanted family members, excessive calories, what is there to look forward to? 

The Beaches Velo (formerly known as Beaches First Street Cycling, formerly known as Beaches Lodge Ride) fund raising party, of course! 

Now, what makes a good party? 

Buddies, beverages and a buffet! 

We have got the buddies and beverages, but need help with the buffet. 
We need appetizers, side dishes, a veggie main dish, and a few desserts. 
If you could or would assist us with our annual entertainment endeavor, 

please email Rebekah at

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