Saturday, November 1, 2014

BFSC Sunday Nov 2 Ride Options - 8:00 Road Ride or 9:00 Hanna Mountain Bike Ride - Turn YOUR clock BACK!!!

Day Light Saving Time Ends on Sunday
Turn your Clocks BACK

Beaches First Street Cycling Ride Schedule 
Two Options for riding

Sunday morning forecast
@ 8:00/9:00  47F/50F Feel like 40/44F
Wind NNW18 mph

Sunday 9:00 AM Hanna Mountain Bike Ride
Meet in Hanna Park front parking lot ready to ride at 9:00 AM
Gate Fee $5.00

Sunday 8:00 AM Road Ride.

Leave - at 8:00 AM from the Lodge parking lot
Ride Pace - 19 - 22 MPH
Distance - 40 - 55 miles 

No Drop - Will wait on mechanical issues Ride

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