Monday, March 9, 2015

Beaches Velo Tuesday/Thursday Night Tour de Pain Road Ride Begins Tuesday March 10 2015

It's Beaches Velo Tour de Pain time!!!
The County Line Tuesday & Thursday night road ride begins Tuesday March 10.

Start: County Line - Ponte Vedra Blvd & Duval Drive                  @ Duval/St Johns County Line
Time: Leaves at 6:30 PM sharp

Ride Pace - 25+ mph - Social warm up till the Lodge then its HAMMER Time
Route: Due to early sunset, the ride route will go straight south on Ponte Vedra Blvd

Distance: Approximately 30 miles - Short Loop in Nocatee due to early sunset.

Sunset Begins at 7:32 PM
Twilight Ends at 7:55 PM 

You will need Front Light and Red rear light once the Sun Sets.
FL state law bike require lights

Wear your Beaches Velo bike kit, Make a good showing as a group.

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