Saturday, March 7, 2015

BFSC Sunday March 8 Road Ride Schedule 8:30 AM EDST - Day Light Saving Time Begins - TURN your Clocks AHEAD 1 Hour

BFSC Sunday Road Bike Ride Schedule

Day Light Saving Time Begins Sunday March 8
Turn your Clocks AHEAD 1 Hour
Spring Forward

Sunday - March 8 - 8:30 AM EDST @ The Lodge
Group Ride - Ride Pace 19 - 22 MPH
Easy Stead Pace
Distance - 40 miles Loop
No Drop Ride

Finally looks like we have a nice warmer day to road ride.
This will be a 40 mile loop from the Lodge ride, so if you are just starting your cycling season and need a good distance at a steady 20 mph pace or have a short window to get a ride in, come join us.

Also for this Sunday only ride time start is 8:30 AM due to the time change.

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