Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do Not Block PVB Traffic On Sat. Morning Rollout!!!

One of our regular members sent me this email about blocking traffic on Ponte Vedra Boulevard:

"For the safety of everyone, I think some regular reminders about our group rides going single file on Micklers (PVB) needs to be addressed.

The groups are getting larger, and when people ride abreast taking up the whole road, it only fosters road rage from motorists.

Surprising how many times the guys at the back of the group will yell "car back" but some cyclists appear to be deaf or indifferent.

Our cooperation in sharing the road will save lives, and prevent the anti-cyclist thoughts that car drivers have."

The St.Johns County Police have really been cracking down on bikers on PVB. We need to be more mindful of car traffic especially on this stretch of road. Please do your part and tell certain bikers to move away from the center line, and allow cars to pass our group!

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