Sunday, March 6, 2011

Proposed Multi Use Trail Through Guana

Contact the St John's County Commissioners and support the proposed multi use trail through Guana. This would be some type of multi use trail from the Inter coastal Waterway Bridge through Guana on the East side of County Road 210. It would go behind Publix at the round about South of Mickler's and connect with the sidewalk at Neck Road & Mickler's.

Also Please note your concerns for the need to widen County Road 210 with Bike Lanes.

St John Commissioners Contact info:

Cyndi Stevenson
Commissioner, District 1
Office: (904) 209-0301
Cell: (904) 669-2188

Commissioner Stevenson's webpage.

Ron Sanchez
Commissioner, District 2
Office: (904) 209-0302
Cell: (904) 669-2965
Commissioner Sanchez's webpage.

Mark P. Miner, Vice-Chair 2011
Commissioner, District 3
Office: (904) 209-0303
Cell: (904) 599-3158

Commissioner Miner's webpage.

Jay Morris
Commissioner, District 4
Office: (904) 209-0304
Cell: (904) 814-9403

Commissioner Morris' webpage.

Joseph “Ken” Bryan, Chair 2011
Commissioner, District 5
Office: (904) 209-0305
Cell: (904) 599-3195

Commissioner Bryan's webpage.

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