Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday/Thursday Evening Road Bike Ride - Route Change - Starting Tuesday March 22

The Tuesday/Thursday Evening bike ride has decided to return to the original warm up route. This ride starts at the County Line on Ponte Vedra Blvd and Duval Drive.

Beginning this Tuesday March 22 the warm up route will go through the neighbor hood (the cool down route backwards) right on to San Juan from PVB, cross Salano Road, south on Le Master to left onto Corona Road, back right onto PVB.

This is a race place 25+ MPH ride.

A Second slower group has also formed on Tuesday/Thursday night.
This group ride pace's is 20 - 25 MPH.
The Second Group starts out with the faster group.
At A1A and PVB/Mickler's Road this group goes South on A1A until the First or Second Beach Access parking lot (depending on the remaining daylight) and returns backs. This group may regroup at Mickler's Beach Access depending on the number of riders. If you loose contact with the front group going down PVB go South on A1A until you meet the Second group returning North on A1A.

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